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DD: Leon Lucas by AirPirateAly
DD: Leon Lucas

Name: Leon Lucas

Gender: male

Height/Weight: 6’3/180 lbs

Age: 24, born 2/12/2010, Aquarius

Weapon:  Sword

Base Element: Wind



:bulletgreen: PATRON #1

Name:  Aria | Element: Wind

Aria is an eccentric and prideful patron who can sometimes be a brat. She admires anyone with a lot of strength and is more fond of her pact with Leon than she would like to admit.

[Ability #1]

Wind Blades | Offensive

When Leon swings his sword, he can create concentrated gusts that can slice. The gusts go in a straight line from the direction that he swings. With each level, the distance the slashes can travel grows, but the further the distance, the further the wind spreads out, causing the attack to be weaker than it would be up close.

Level 1: Can create a gust that travels up to 10 feet.

Level 2: Can create 2 gusts per swing that travel up to 20 feet.

Level 3: Can create 3 gusts per swing that travel up to 30 feet.




Leon is a fairly laid back guy, friendly and  loyal to those who’ve earned his trust. Although lazy at times, if something matters enough to him, he’ll work or even fight for it. He’s still wondering what the spitfire wind patron saw in him that bonded them with a pact, but he’s grown fond of her lively personality and the humanitarian in him has decided to join the cause.


Leon was born in Oakland, California, and is the 3rd child of 4. His parents were active and involved in their children’s lives and encouraged them to explore various activities, both the physical and the more artistic. While he has enjoyed all of the activity (and noise) in his life, he has learned to cherish every moment of peace and relaxation that he can find. Time to himself was especially a blessing since the task of caring for his younger sibling often fell to his shoulders when his father and mother decided to live separately due to a job opportunity. He remained with his mother and younger sibling while his eldest sister and father moved to a new location.

Life afterward was fairly normal, and soon Leon had graduated high school. He decided to pursue the arts and became a graphic designer. He worked freelance off and on for a while until he became interested in a more permanent job opportunity with a studio that showed lots of promise and promoted a good cause by helping people in need. He was invited to tour the building with a few others and decided to give the place a look-see. On the day of the tour, he made his way to the designated location.  To his surprise, when he got off the metro train at his stop, the ground started to rumble. It didn't take Leon long to realize that this was the “Big One” that adults had gone on about for years. It was an earthquake, and a bad one. It went on longer than any earthquake he’d been through, and when he had finally thought it settled, things got worse. Aftershocks rolled in and bit by bit, a massive sinkhole appeared in the intersection he was nearest to, screams and car alarms going off in an angry fury.

Although the two cars that had been swallowed by the hole had been parked and empty, Leon witnessed a minivan with a family inside fall over the edge, being turned upside down as it hit the bottom. There was an immediate panic and soon a crowd gathered around the hole, fearing for the family below. With relief efforts on the way but not fast enough, Leon broke up some of the panic and rallied for a  few other men to join him and take matters into their own hands. With a few ladders and some time later, Leon and the other citizens had managed to get down into the hole and help the family out of the minivan. Lucky to be alive with no fatal injuries, each of the family members shakily made their way up the ladder to safety and into the ambulances that had appeared on the scene. Leon meekly accepted their gratitude and thanks with the rest of the group and exhausted, made his way to home to recover from the ordeal himself.

Aria, who had been in the area, had happened upon all the commotion and noise and observed the crowd and the group of men working to save the other humans. She noted Leon as the driving force and he managed to peak her curiosity. Once all was said and done, she followed the weary young man to his home and stayed close by, deciding to watch him for a while. Really, he was hardly anything impressive, she thought. However, she decided he had heart. After the chaotic event, she noticed that as days went by he started looking into the more tragic news that was going on in the world around him. One day, slipping through his window she settled on his kitchen counter that had a few pamphlets about relief efforts across the states. She concluded, from the colorful pictures of the people in them helping other people who were suffering, that the young man was planning to become a part of one of them.

Glass shattered from behind her. She whirled around and was faced with the young man, a startled expression on his face. She made for the window ledge, but before she could jump out, he called out for her to wait, and that he wouldn't hurt her-whatever she was. Tentatively, she idled on the ledge and warned him to keep his distance. He sat at the table and after a few moments of silence, they conversed. Not yet trusting him, she only fed him small pieces of information about the magical world that was much, much bigger than he had ever known. They met and spoke many times after that, and once Leon had gained the wind spirit’s trust, she propositioned him in becoming a guardian and forming a pact with her. After some thought, Leon agreed.

Misc Info:

+ He loves sweaters, all the sweaters.

+ His dad and older sis moved away when he was 12, but they visit when they can.

+ Enjoys comics and videogames and nerd stuff, aw yeah

+ Since he worked as a graphic designer, he likes to draw. He’s brought a couple sketchbooks with him.

+ Has lived most of his life between the Bay Area (Oakland, San Fransisco, etc) and Los Angeles

+ Since his parents always liked their children to be active (and had the money), he and his siblings tried out various sports. Leon has tried out judo, wrestling, kickboxing, and track and field. He got decent and knows the basic, but never stuck with any of it long enough to become pro or very advanced.

Roleplay Paragraph Sample:

“ Are you done yet?”


“How about now?”

“Still no.”

“Surely you must be done by now?”

“Aria, for the last time, I’m packing.I just can’t show up to this “dulcedominoes” place with nothing,” Leon reasoned with a sigh.

    Leon let out a small gasp of surprise when the spirit smacked him in the face with her tail, spluttering out her feathers.

“It’s pronounced Dulcedomum! You must learn to say it right before we leave this place. I refuse to be embarrassed by you! I will go find a pact with someone else if you keep--“

“ Okay, okay. I’m sorry- Dulcedomum. Jeez, you’ve got to give me some credit. My head is still reeling from all of this information. I guess it makes sense. Well, it couldn’t not make sense with you standing right in front of me.”

    Aria pouted and flopped onto the bed face first, sulking in impatience. She decided to entertain herself with rolling back and forth along the blankets while the other party tossed a few more items into the suitcase. Rolling too far to the left, she rolled off the bed with an accompanying thunk! She popped up immediately after, every feather on her body standing straight up in alarm. She glared at Leon who stared back at her, blinking widely in shock. A short silence passed.

   In the end, they both broke out into laughter.

Whoop, Bear it is! by AirPirateAly
Whoop, Bear it is!
Andy belongs to GuruGuruboo and Leon is mine.
Offering up :bulletblue: bluerose....and asking for :bulletblue: monster eye or spirit token~


United States
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